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April 25th, 2019
Topic: Ethical Dilemmas: Case Management and Navigating Special Needs
Lee Ann Hitchman, CLPF, Hitchman Fiduciaries  and
Barbara Greenfield, RN, BSN, CCM, CNLCP

Dec 6th Holiday Meeting & Luncheon
Topic: Forensic Nursing: Trauma Informed Care with Emphasis on the Pediatric Patient
Speakers: Patricia Goclowski, RN, Forensic Nurse Specialist

October 27
Topic: Emotional and Behavioral Problems in TBI—Frontal Lobe Injuries
Speakers: Elizabeth Cisneros, Ph.D., QME and Stephanie Kaplan, PT, DPT, ATP

September 27
Topic: Making the Most of the Current WC System—in Orthopedic Care   Speaker: Peter S. Borden, MD

July 2018
Topic: What Case Managers Should Know When Asked to Testify An Attorney’s Perspective
Speaker: Tina Odjaghian, Esq., Odjaghian Law Group

May 24th
Topic: Suicide within Issues of TBI: A Case Approach
Speaker: Carolyn J. Ortega

Topic: Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Experience
Speaker: Dr. Daniele Piomelli, PhD, MD, UCI Health
Dr. Piomelli Presentation

March 2018
Topic: Ocular Trauma--Who Do You Call for an Eye Replacement?  
Speaker:   Dr. Carole Lewis, Board Certified Ocularist, Clinical Anaplastologist

February 2018
Topic: Acute Burn Care Management & Ethical Considerations
Speaker: Elaine Rojas, RN

January 2018
Acute Rehabilitation Management of Patient with TBI
Dr. Danny Arzanipour, PM&R

December 2017
Effects of Chronic Stress on the Brain and Body
Angie Jung, RN, BSN, CRRN, CCM
Cassidy Sharp, Certified Yoga Instructor

October 2017
Topic:  Ethical Considerations in Palliative Care
Speaker: Michael J. Demoratz, Ph.D., LCSW, CCM Aging Life Care Professional

September 2017
Topic:  Management of Primary & Metastatic Tumors of the Brain
Promoting Discharge Success with a High Risk Transitional Navigation System
Speakers: Aaron R. Cutler, MD. and Emily R. Rosario, PhD

August 2017
Topic:  Advocating for Catastrophically Injured Individual with a Brain Injury
Speaker: Tina Odjaghian, Esq., Odjaghian Law Group
Attorney specializing in traumatic brain injury litigation

July 2017
Topic:  The Challenges in Working with Individuals with a Brain Injury and a History of Drug Addiction The
Dysfunctional Cocktail:
One Part Brain Injury and One Part Addiction, Abuse or Misuse
Speaker:  Celeste Ann Racicot, M.Ed., Nancy Porcella, MACCC, Lisa Jones, ORT/L

May 2017
Topic: Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Speaker: Dr. Chi Lam

April 2017
Topic: Issues of Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity in Continuity of Care
Speaker:   Carolyn J. Ortega, Psy.D

Topic:  2016-2017 RNS Award Recipients
Speaker: Physician of the Year Award – Dr. Luis Montes
Thomas Gucker Award – Lily Lee-Martyn
RNS CARES Award – Ryan’s Reach
RNS CARES Award – High Hopes

February 2017
Topic:  Exploring the Economic Benefits of Obstructive,
Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment and Ambulatory EEG Monitoring
Speaker: Kenneth L. Nudleman, MD (IME/QME), Medical Director of Breathe Diagnostics

January 2017
Topic:  ReWalk Robotics - Exoskeletal System for Home and Clinic Use
Speaker:  Thomas Hedge, Jr, MD and Kathryn Vaughn, PT, DPT

May 2016
Topic: Brain Injury--from Injury to Recovery
Speaker: Dr. Kevin Lawrence, MD

April 2016
Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-101
Speaker: Lisa Bari,  M.A.,CCC-SLP

March 2016
Topic: Disorders of Consciousness
Speaker: Dr. Martin M. Monti, PhD

February 2016
Topic: Life Care Planning, How to... A Saga...
Speaker: Barbara Greenfield, RN, BSN, CCM, CNLCP,  President, BG NURSE CONSULTANTS

January 2016
Topic: Chronic Disease Management and Palliative Care Across the Care Continuum
Speaker: Jeremy Grosser, MD,
Medical Director for Coordinated Care Services Dignity Health
Chronic Disease Management & Palliative Care Across the Care Continuum Presentation
Presentations 1 & 2